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So.. How to SHAPE the S-H-A-P-E drivers ??

Prior to a Coaching Session...

Let's ensure the location for a session is “safe“, and make sure the timing is comfy for the coachee.

During the session...

Be present.. watch out for the SHAPE drivers. As coaches , we are looking to “switch off“ the THREAT ( or LIMBIC) vibes ..

And so.. tactics like labelling, numeric scales, “name it”, give it a colour, “ similar to” i.e. metaphors, re-framing, normalising, going for a walk, are valuable options in this process.

With all this... we are supporting the coachee to develop INSIGHTS, once in the REWARDS zone.. five to ten questions whilst the coachee is “playing here“ will generate an INSIGHT.. a “light bulb“ revelation that then is the springboard to “move forward.“

And that .. is what coaching is ALL about!

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