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I have known Kevin Poynton for more than four years, and I have had a great deal of experience in working with him and have come to rely upon his wise counsel and strategic advice.  In my coaching sessions with Kevin, he helped me to clarify my goals and priorities, and to put in place specific steps to reach those goals, as well as measurable indicators so that I can gauge my progress.  Kevin has the highest standards of professional ethics and conduct, and I trust him implicitly even when discussing personal matters.  I would thoroughly recommend Kevin as a coach for both personal and professional matters without hesitation.  

Libby Collett 
Town of Mosman Park

As a past local government Executive Manager and now owning and running my own business I approached Kevin for coaching because I knew he had decades of experience and knowledge in order for me to optimise my business performance. I found the result led to an improvement in my personal wellness whereby the proven coaching method undertaken by Kevin generated new thoughts and solutions to not only create goals for my business but also make me more self-aware of my actions in my personal and family life. I would recommend anyone who is wanting to learn more about themselves and optimise their potential either in the workplace or in the personal lives to seriously consider coaching.

Thomas Abbott


Greenlight Approvals

As a senior manager within the local government sector, my workday provides a range of diverse and unpredictable challenges on top of the usual administrative duties. My role is one where people, politics and policy frequently collide - and it's my job to find solutions and achieve satisfactory outcomes. As a subscriber to the 'continual improvement' approach to life, I felt I was doing OK, but I knew could do better. Having attended many professional development seminars over the years, I felt the time was right to adopt a more tailored approach towards honing my professional skills in key areas. This is where Kevin Poynton's 'one on one' coaching came into the picture for me.


Over a series of pleasant and productive meetings with Kevin he helped me develop personal techniques for distilling tricky problems down into component parts, then methods to establish clear strategies for solving them. Importantly for me, this suite of tools did not shy away from all the "but what if?......." questions I had. Having now established a set of proven 'drills' that could be practically applied to problem-solving, we moved on to another big one for me – meetings. Kevin's coaching greatly assisted in finessing my technique at meetings and establishing strategies to stop wasting time and achieve clear, achievable and unambiguous outcomes/resolutions.


Each session left me with much food for thought and I found Kevin actually drew the solutions from my own mind by identifying and clarifying them for me. That is the great benefit of 'one on one' coaching, it provides insight to not only your own thought processes, but those of others as well. In short, Kevin didn’t tell me what to think, he taught me how to think. I unreservedly recommend this.


Donovan Norgard
Executive Manager, Technical Services
Shire of Peppermint Grove

“I have come to know Kevin over the past five years through our professional roles within the community of Mosman Park. During this time, I developed a strong respect for Kevin and his professional business manner and friendly nature. Although not always at ease speaking about my own professional and personal circumstances, over four comfortable and informal meetings I was able to develop a sense of direction and a set of goals relating to some personal and professional ambitions. Kevin’s style of coaching was not one of providing me with the answers, rather providing me with some concepts to clarify and then document my own thoughts and goals. Our coaching sessions were, and continue to be, an enjoyable process. I would certainly recommend Kevin to anyone looking to develop themselves on a personal or professional level.”

Tony Howell

General Manager & Head Golf Professional

Mosman Park Golf Club

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