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From THREAT to REWARD... A Coaching Tip!

Image courtesy of Deb Blatt

Well.. what a powerful session in Perth recently on the connection between neuroscience and coaching.

Conducted by Kendra Strudwick, from INSPIRACTION, and organised by our International Coaching Federation ( Western Australia ) Professional Development team, the sessions explored the ways to use a "brain based approach" to coaching in order to move our clients forward in a more effective and efficient manner.

Why is this so important ?

...because...we are all in a V.U.C.A. environment (Volatile – Uncertain - Complex – Ambiguous) , and this often sends us into the Limbic, or “THREAT”, zone, whereas we all do our best work in the Cortex, or “REWARD“ zone.

We are about creating “new" wiring in our brains, not repairing "old" wiring. So.. lets grab the tools that help us do this.

And.. Kendra showed us SHAPE... a suite of factors that, when addressed, can be used to move our coachees into this REWARD zone.

Stay tuned for... what is the SHAPE of SHAPE??

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